Website Application – A Web Testing Practice

Web application testing is a specialized software testing method mainly adopted for the testing of the hosted applications on the internet where the various functionalities and other interface features are thoroughly tested. The testing methods and techniques depend upon the requirements of the client. It is a comprehensive test methodology that helps in validating the software application from the point of view of various end-user groups. The methods are generally divided into two categories; black-box and white-box testing. The first one is considered ideal for low-risk projects, while the latter is suitable for higher-risk projects.

Companies dealing with web applications face a variety of challenges faced during the testing process. These include issues related to security, usability, accessibility, and user experience. The main aim behind these strategies is to make web applications easy to use and convenient to the end-users so as to achieve a positive user experience. Thus, every web application should be created keeping this principle in mind. To meet this goal web application testing practices have been designed and following these strategies can be very fruitful for a web development company.

The challenge faced by companies in web application testing varies according to the nature of their business. A website developing company may find it difficult to test a complex web application successfully without compromising reliability and functionality. Thus, it requires thorough knowledge and expertise in this area.

In web testing, different browsers and platforms are used and a load test is performed to determine the time required for the pages to load. A variety of tools are used for load testing including; web proxy, Perl, and PHP scripts along with HTTP traffic analysis tools. Depending on the complexity and importance of the project, the load-testing tools should be customized accordingly. A complete test suite should be composed of web browsers, browser plugins, and operating system utilities.

A good web testing practice should ensure the highest level of security. It also enables the developers to identify the weak spots of the software. Most of the web applications available today have vulnerabilities that can be exploited easily. Hence, to ensure the best performance and security of the software the team conducting the test must follow strict security measures. Some of the common vulnerabilities found are:

Functional testing is a series of code validations to check the output of the web pages created using a specific tool and compare them with the expected results. It includes unit testing, code coverage testing, and integration testing which are performed on a specific piece of the software or infrastructure, etc. to ensure its overall efficiency and functional consistency.

Usability testing is a set of tests to check the internal and external links which are essential for navigation. It verifies whether the web pages contain the necessary links and if these links work in a proper manner. This helps in increasing the traffic to the website. The usability section of the test will check the usability of the pages and identify the usability issues. Unit testing involves the testing of one function of the software or it may include several functions.

A very simple static website is known as a stub. It is an extremely simple web application that does not require extensive programming and is used for performing simple tasks like inputting data. To start a web testing practice, first, the developer creates a stub and then runs it under the browsers whether Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Once the functionality of the stub is verified in all the browsers, it is extracted to the respective project. The next step towards web application testing is to maintain the stub in the development cycle. Once the web application is developed and available for users, the team conducts a series of web testing to verify the functionality and security of the application.