MST3K All Nighter in London


Saturday 16th October 2010
Apollo Cinema, Picadilly Circus, London
5 movies. Starts 10.30pm. 30 a ticket.

Anyone wanna go with me?


Futurama’s back, baby! Again!

In case you didn’t know.


New Deus Ex 3 trailer

Deus Ex Human Revolution E3 2010 Trailer [HD]

Edit: Also, screenshots.


Death Metal Louis Armstrong

This is pretty cool. He looks really fucked off.


I recently came across this blog in my web travels. The guy is a self described C++ hater, but also a C++ (and many other languages) super-genius, being a developer of compilers and debuggers and stuff for embedded C and C++ developers in the automotive industry. His articles aren’t too focused on C or C++ for those who don’t care about those languages; they range from x86 assembly/memory management to comparisons between Python and Perl. I find his style hilarious and enlightening. He’s something akin to a Bastard Sysop From Hell for the what’s-all-this-Web-2.0-crap generation. Or perhaps what Yahtzee would be like if he reviewed programming languages instead of videogames.


Best PS3 game ever

Hello all,

Not sure if any of u have a ps3, but if you do, u must get this game:

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars , or SARPBC for short. It’s a football type game in an arena using cars which are very easy to drive/boost/fly with rocket power! It is so addictive online. I got it at the start of last year, and i’m still playing it every other night online.

Check out this youtube video of some random guys playing to get an idea. *note* these guys are very good, it takes time to get this skilled!

Also, add me to ur psn, my username is mattbee, i think. Anyone else got game recommendations? PixelJunk Shooter on psn was quite fun, if a little short.


Werd homez.

Here is a Perl script that will extract dependency information from all the C++ source and header files it finds within a specified directory structure, and spit out a bunch of interesting stuffs it can find out about them. It would be fairly trivial to convert to parsing Java or something, essentially just change “.cpp” to “.java” and “#include” to “import” or whatever it is.

EDIT: Version 2.0 released. Changes since 1.1:

  • Fixed a couple of fatal bugs;
  • A few more command line options;
  • It warns if the dependency graph is not levelizable;
  • Experimental support for Java.

EDIT: Version 1.1 released. Changes since 1.0:

  • Better documentation;
  • More command line options;
  • Option to generate a PNG image of the dependency graph (uses GraphViz; example below).



When Drug Smuggling Goes Bad

Spotted this on BBC News today:

Drug smugglers appear to have made a major slip-up, after huge quantities of cocaine were delivered to supermarkets in Spain hidden in boxes of bananas.

Reports suggest an error by drug smugglers had led to their failing to retrieve almost 80kg (175lb) of cocaine from the boxes before they were distributed.

Epic failure if ever I saw one.

Full story here.


For a nice live rendition of Green Onions and some other good numbers for that matter, check out Booker T on iPlayer for the next couple of days or so. Woo, feels weird posting on here after so long…



It’s been a while, but I finally got around to:

  • Updating Wordpress
  • Updating the theme
  • Making pretty URLs work
  • Going through the comment moderation queue

So, any news…?